Safety in all levels


Work at height involves the performance of any type of situation, and as varying working conditions, risk factors are maximized too. At HAWK ® we are dedicated to meet all requirements of the industrial sector that requires for its manufacturing facilities, a reliable, durable, and high performance system, taking care of fulfill the specific needs of each of our clients.


Architectural construction represents one of the highest risks for workers exposed to height hazards;due to unfinished surfaces that generate activities that increase the likelihood of a free fall. The broad portfolio of HAWK® products, provides to contractors, flexible configurations to avoid height risks situations, ensuring adequate protection of individual users.


Maintenance works on telecommunications towers and intense user exposure to physical environment, make this application one of the most extreme to manage in fall protection, because of that, HAWK ® has provided a wide range of possibilities to achieve the correct configuration of fall protection systems, according to the requirements of end users and their working conditions.


Work on wind towers demand special care in the design of a lightweight product, due to the continuous travelling of up & down in ladder-climbing, and also, suspension and positioning as a stationary activities. HAWK ® offers a series of products suitable for this application along its entire catalog, in order to satisfy the needs of a highly specific market.


Oil exploitation requires specific protection due to the nature of the heavy duty tasks, environmental conditions, and the constant height risk derived from constant presence of metallic structures; the combination of these three factors are widely considered in choosing the right product, providing maximum performance of all HAWK® systems, in each required application.


The proper selection of materials is the priority issue when it comes to implement a fall protection system. For this reason, users of the energy sector are a attention key focus in the development of each product for this application. Given this context, HAWK ® provides products specifically designed to endure the most demanding conditions, derived from high temperature situations, arc flash hazards, and electrical conductivity, in users of this industrial sector.


Working conditions in the subsurface deserve special attention from our Product Development Team, because this specific working condition represents continuous risks for users involved. Additionally, by moisture conditions, visual and auditory range, all HAWK® components undergo an extreme test. For this, the product design and materials implemented in this industry, meet the most demanding tests of functionality and strength, offering maximum security to each user in the mining sector.


Overhead wiring activities represent one of the most common height risks to which a worker may be exposed with potential free fall hazard, for that reason, a broad knowledge is required in the configuration of a fall protection system. To provide the necessary support to the user, the team of HAWK® specialists can recommend the right product & solution to every customer, in order to combine the suitable product in each specific application.