Our services


Information technology

FPS® is the best software when it comes to handling, implementing and providing a continuous safety system improvement for heights operated tasks in your company.



At HAWK®’s training facilities; we re-create different types of height risks which are most common in the industry, in a way that every participant not only identifies the hazard areas but also implements adequate solutions.


Research and development

Our design and development (R&D) team, which is specialized in Fall Protection Systems, is focused on the end users of our products, offering solutions according to their requirements, as a powerful innovation core.


Personal Protective Equipment

All our clients have specific needs to be met, that is why at HAWK® we propose a wide variety of equipment, of flexible characteristics, which provide a greater safety to the worker.


Engineering systems

All of our engineering systems at HAWK®, allows the assurance that every area is safe, thus protecting and providing the integrity and safety of the valuable human resource in the industry facilities.


Applied engineering

At HAWK® the installation of anchorage engineering systems, is taken as a critical process for the implementing of a project, which aims at eliminating risks which are involved in height operated tasks. For a greater peace of mind of our clients, we make sure that the whole process is integrated.