The best software of the world

FPS ® is the best software of the world for managing, implementing and continuous improvement of safety systems, for fall risk tasks inside your company.

Designed from our own knowledge and experience, acquired it from a daily contact with the customer requirements, and his work environment joined to the use of highest technology.

1 Evaluation
2 Diagnostic
3 Improvements
4 Implementation
With the use of FPS®, you will be able to create a complete fall arrest safety strategy in each project, by mean of:
  • Diagnostic and control of PPE in use.
  • Guidance and control of contractors.
  • Finding and documenting of risk areas.
  • Identifying of potential improvements, and corrective/opportunity tasks.
  • Graphic and written reports, with images of the current safety status of your company.
  • Substantial decrease of recurrent accidents.
Supported in a complete fall arrest protection program:
  • HAWK´s Fall Protection Specialists
  • Training calendar (staff and contractors)
    Evaluation and documentation of results.
  • PPE´sInspectioncalendar
    Evaluation and documentation of results.
  • Risk´s Areas calendar.
    Evaluation and documentation of results.
  • Trimester report, including results, improvements and corrective measures.
Main benefits:
  • Substantial increase of safety at the workplace.
  • Methodology for improvement and corrective actions identification.
  • Protection against the increase of work compensation and penalties, due to free fall accidents.
  • Back-up documentation of each evaluation process.
  • Professional and specialized advice from HAWK® consultants.
  • Agreed inspection calendars every three months.
  • More than 25 options of graphic reports with documentation back-up.
  • The lower-cost per worker administration system in the market.